A speaker’s role is not to fill a pail.
A speaker’s role is to light a fire!!!

For nearly two decades, I lit fires in the homebuilding industry as a teacher of selling, managing, and training for three of the nation’s top-ten public homebuilders. As a result, sales professionals, design consultants, mortgage representatives, title personnel, sales managers, marketing managers, project managers, and division presidents for those companies flourished! We won lots of awards, experienced tremendous growth, enjoyed very healthy bottom lines, and perhaps best of all…knew that together…we made a difference.

Since founding New Wings Consulting in 2005, I have continued lighting fires helping individuals, teams, and organizations across a wide variety of other industries experience results that are equally dramatic and impactful!

As a speaker, I’m known for my down-home values, quick wit, and engaging communication style. I’m praised for not talking to my audience, but instead for interacting with them. For my part, I simply tap into their emotions, connect with them, and get to the heart of what matters most. They laugh, they cry. They think, they are challenged. They are moved, and they are inspired!

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