Imagine a Career in Sales Where You Can Enjoy Success and Significance

I’m Steve Rigby, and for three decades I’ve helped sales professionals achieve both by putting relationships first. I’d love to do the same for you.

Let’s start with a FREE copy of “The 7 Rules of Shopping” which helps us understand as consumers, how we all want to be treated.


How a People-First Philosophy Creates Extraordinary Sales

My newest book illuminates a path to a joyous journey to sales success. In a world full of quick fixes and hyper-aggressive focus on systematized sales, S.M.I.L.E. takes readers on a different path: better sales and better living through relationship-building.

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New Wings:

Transformational sales training that changes lives

Technology has changed so much of our everyday lives, but genuine human connection is still the root of sales, and is really the key to everything worth doing. I’d be honored to help you and your organization succeed beyond your wildest dreams by fostering and forging those connections through the books and programs offered through New Wings.

Just as nature transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly, our “people-first” philosophy will transform your sales – and your life!

The traditional sales process is broken. Let’s build a whole new model together.

What’s better than a room full of energized sales pros? When that room is full of sales professionals from your organization. Let’s make some magic happen together!

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